July 28, 2016


Aufmerksamkeit! Dr. Death Von Tiki is now in the blogger world! Yes it does seem a bit quaint, but I feel I must use many sources to reach out to you my new fan base in this world! I will have Rick Lucey a person who fits my needs at this time to transcribe the bits of my life I will show, my thoughts, my desires, all the great things about me! So who I am to you? One might say I am a man of many talents, a master of science and a bit of an eccentric. Bah! I would say I am all of those things yet much more! I am also a husband to one Dora Von Tiki, and a father of Sarah, Joy and baby Deat. So family is important to me as much as my work! As for my name mock it if you will, but it is more interesting and powerful than yours! I grow weary so this is all I have to say for today! Auf Wiedersehen!

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