August 14, 2016


Ach where do I start with this napkin story? So my translator Rick Lucey runs around saying he created me! Can you believe it a pitiful person like this claiming to have created me the great Dr. Death Von Tiki, who in fact created himself! Okay the truth is he did draw my image on a napkin, but I transmitted that image of me out into the void and his feeble mind was the first to connect and draw it out. So I decided to mark him as a future transcriber of me, your humble and great possible future leader or something like that! For goodness sake with my superior mind there are many pathways to my further greatness!!! Thus June 21, 2008 on a Saturday night I beamed my image to this Rick Lucey as he drew on napkins sitting in a tiki lounge called Forbidden Island in Alameda, CA. I gave him an extra thought to create a more finished image some months later, which took him long enough! He would use illustrator to create a more finalized of me for your fine folk in this dimension could get a clearer image of me the great DR. DEATH VON TIKI. TM copy-write, all rights reserved to me and my scientific greatness! Below are the two images I described in this passage. Now I need a good strong drink! Cheers and now be on your way!


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